Why forgive if we do not forget?

Have you ever tried 2 forgive someone for something but found it difficult because it was 2 hard 2 forget?

Have you?

It has happened 2 me most often but now not 2 much

One time I recall is when a girlfriend once cheated on me with one of my friends and whilst I forgiven her, I didn’t REALLY

I really liked her but finished her anyway, I did not speak to him ever again

I stayed friends with her for a little while, till that friendship frizzled out

She was younger & less mature than me, I should have really forgiven her for this small mistake and WE should of moved on

What do you THINK?

Forgetting offenses against us does not mean we have amnesia or are weak or stupid but that there is no real hate or malice in us when we remember offenses of the past. If it hurts for us 2 remember offenses against us maybe we need healing or have not truly forgiven

In instances where we have been wronged like this wouldn’t it be better to move on?

What do you think Yes or No?

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